How It Works

Today’s world is a digital one. Many of us spend large amounts of time on our portable devices, a fact that has changed the way that businesses interact with consumers forever. With 81% of us researching products and services online before we buy, it is more crucial than ever for companies to be visible to the public through online search engine results pages, or SERPS. SEO Glasgow can help companies rank higher on these SERPs for particular keywords that can generate them business, making SEO Glasgow indispensable to any business operating in today’s digital marketplace.

SEO Glasgow will increase the amount of organic traffic that is directed to your website. With proper conversion optimisation, this will naturally lead to an increase in sales and/or leads for your business to undertake. Don’t delay – implement SEO Glasgow now to see the effects on your business.

SEO Glasgow Strategy

A proper SEO Glasgow strategy is not a magic bullet or quick fix. SEO Glasgow takes several months to begin to take effect, and is an ongoing labour of love for any website. The sooner you start undertaking SEO Glasgow services, the sooner you will see the results. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help and to start the process.

The stages to designing and implementing a SEO Glasgow strategy are:

  1. Website Audit – Our team of expert SEO consultants will use a variety of industry leading tools to review your website and see how it fairs in terms of existing SEO practices and techniques. This will highlight improvements for keyword focus, link building, content optimisation, & missing SEO parameters. Our SEO audit package has proved to be extremely insightful for our clients.
  2. Content Optimisation – Once the correct keywords have been identified, our SEO Glasgow consultants will ensure that the on site content has been optimised to reflect this change in focus.
  3. Link Building – This is the second half of SEO Glasgow services. We build links from relevant, high domain authority websites that will push your website up the SERPs for the relevant search results.

SEO Glasgow – Content Optimisation

The act of ensuring that your website’s content has the necessary keywords in the right places in known as content optimisation. A SEO Glasgow consultant will analyse the range of different parameters outlines by Google for the inclusion of the appropriate keywords and ensure that these are implemented. Some of the areas that are looked at are the following:

  • Page Titles. These are small, keyword rich descriptions that allow Google (or any other search engine) to read what the main category or categories of the page is/are.
  • Page Metas. These are longer, more readable descriptions to allow human users to better understand the intent of the page.
  • H1/H2s. These break up the on page content and make it easier for Google to crawl a page and read the content.
  • Image Alt Tags. These are text additions that allow Google to understand the content of a picture better.

SEO Glasgow – Link Building

Link building is the second half of SEO Glasgow services, and is exactly what it sounds like. Links are essentially seen as stamps of approval; if a trusted website is happy directing traffic to another website, that second website is presumably also to be trusted.

The goal in terms of SEO Glasgow is to ensure that the link originates from a relevant website. For example, a link from a website about potted plants will not lend much weight to a web page centred around financial transactions. Our skilled and experienced SEO Glasgow consultants will be able to find the right links for your business and keywords.

The Effects of SEO Glasgow

The effects on organic traffic from SEO Glasgow services

This graph shows a month on month analysis for a 6-month period for one of our clients running an ecommerce website. The positive impact on the organic traffic can clearly be seen.

Effects of SEO Glasgow

  • Sessions up by 48%
  • Unique users up 69%
  • Page views up 42%